Discover the Best Place to Swim with Whale Sharks Near Ningaloo Reef

Sharks are one of the most popular animals for both kids and adults, and they are always exciting to view in the wild. One member of the shark family with which many aren’t familiar, however, is the whale shark. Whale sharks are the largest of all the sharks and fish that are currently known worldwide, and there are exciting opportunities available to observe these creatures up close in their natural habitat.

What are Whale Sharks?

Whale sharks are the largest fish that live in the ocean, and they bring delight and wonder to those to have the chance to witness their beauty. Despite their name, whale sharks are classified as sharks and have no relation to whales; they are simply named for their enormous size. They are very impressive due to their size, grace in the water, and the fact that they maintain such a large size and weight on a diet of plankton alone.

Why Choose to Swim with Whale Sharks in Australia?

While there are many different reasons to visit Australia and enjoy its many sights and culture, one of the best reasons to visit is for the chance to swim with whale sharks. Whale sharks are very peaceful, majestic creatures that also happen to be the largest fish in the sea. The northeastern area of Australia near the Ningaloo Reef is known to be the best place to swim with whale sharks in the area. Whale sharks tend to pass through this area during the same season each year, and sightings between the months of May and August are very frequent.

Swimming with whale sharks seems like a fantasy for most, but it can easily become a reality during a visit to Australia. The Ningaloo Reef in the northwestern area of the country hosts a great number of whale sharks each year due to tropical currents and changing water streams. This area offers one of the greatest chances to swim with these giant creatures and enjoy viewing them up close. No trip to Australia would be complete without the chance to swim with whale sharks on a tropical reef.