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Dry Ice Blasting:Benefits There is much good reason to opt for dry ice blasting as a cleaning method. Dry ice is a more thorough cleaning agent. When dry ice is blasted, it normally reaches and cleans areas that other ways have failed. Examples are the nooks, and crannies brushes and chemicals cannot reach. Dry ice blasting procedures are normally performed at the place where the equipment is being used. There is no need to transport them to another location for cleaning. There is a lot of time saved for the operations of an industry’s processes. There are also reduced incidences of equipment getting damaged during transportation, and less work for your staff. The time your equipment is not in use has also gone down.
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Examples of cleaning methods like sand blasting can take off parts of the cleaned surface, r change their appearance. Dry ice blasting, in contrast, is a nonabrasive way. It does not take away any part of the cleaned surface. As the dry ice pellets hit the surface, they then soften and sublimate, thereby taking off the dirt. Dry ice blasting requires no use of solvents, which results in it having no toxic implications for a cleaning method. It employs CO2 pellets. It is a good method especially for companies that are required to follow certain environmental regulations. It maintains low health risks exposure for workers, while guaranteeing their safety and producing a clean and safe environment.
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Other cleaning methods such as sand blasting present an additional waste disposal challenge from the sand gathered after the cleaning process. An additional point for dry ice blasting is the fact that the pellets disappear after the cleaning process. They do not produce toxic waste materials which will necessitate disposal. This reduces the work the cleaners have to do. Dry ice blasting equipment is easy to ferry about. These equipment is usually transported to the place where the tools to be cleaned are, therefore making it unnecessary to transport the same tools for cleaning. Dry ice blasting does not entail the use of any chemical solvents, lubricants and water. It is a dry cleaning method, which is appropriate for cleaning electrical equipment and such water sensitive appliances. Dry ice presents an unfavorable environment for the growth of bacteria, as it is too cold. This low temperature is also useful for eliminating the same bacteria. The method of dry ice blasting has changed how cleaning can be done. Because of its nonhazardous, environmentally friendly, readily affordable and relatively safe steps, more and more industries are starting to add it as a way of removing dirt and other contaminants from their equipment. This has resulted in an even higher demand for this cleaning style.